I’m a creativity, meditation, and mindfulness coach helping media and technology professionals find happiness, flow, and meaning in their lives and work.

As a director of design research at The New York Times, I help launch new digital products that improve people’s lives. As a coach, I use many of the same skills to help individuals find ways to improve their own lives.

I’ve worked in digital innovation for many years, including at IDEO in San Francisco. I’m also a painter, a poet and a parent.


Coaching is a natural extension of my work as a design researcher. All the skills that I’ve developed while applying insights to developing new products designed to improve people’s lives also help me guide individuals to uncover their own insights in hopes of improving their own lives.

The clients I work with have told me that our work together has helped them:

  • Discover, or recover, their most meaningful values

  • Feel less stuck around perspectives that aren’t working anymore

  • Find more time and space in their lives

My coaching practice is influenced by my time in CTI’s (amazing!) Coach Training Program, as well as extensive study and practice in Buddhist philosophy and design thinking. (Trust me, they’re all related.)

I’m currently taking on a limited number of coaching clients. Contact me below if you’d like to discuss setting up a sample session and learning more about how we might work together.

Curriculum Design

I love designing educational programs, whether in-person or online. I have a deep bench when it comes to creating meaningful learning experiences, thanks to many years building design thinking workshops at IDEO as well as developing curricula through my graduate work at the Harvard Graduate School of Education. I've developed and taught workshops for audiences including web developers in Sydney, U.S. Department of Education administrators in Washington DC, and start-up founders in San Francisco.

If you’re designing an online or in-person curriculum that you’d like to get advice on, or that you think could use a tune-up, I would love to hear from you.

About Me

What do people want, need, do? The role of a design researcher is to understand and frame the key issues that a team should be solving for users. Over the last ten years, I’ve worked with and learned from companies and clients — including The New York Times, IDEO, Intuit, Samsung, Microsoft, Fender, Digg, and Bonnaroo — leading design research projects across the US plus 12 other countries and counting. I’ve learned first hand, and in-depth, how to build empathy with people in order to understand how to improve their lives.

Coaching is a natural extension of my work as a design researcher — just instead of applying insights to developing new products with the hopes of improving people’s lives, I’m helping individuals uncover their own insights with the hopes of improving their own lives.

I also have many years of experience meditating and studying Buddhist philosophy through the Barre Center for Buddhist Studies, and a masters in education from Harvard.

In my personal and creative life, I’m a painter, a poet, and a parent.


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